0x800706BE -2147023170 RPC_S_CALL_FAILED

0x800706BE -2147023170 RPC_S_CALL_FAILED

You likely arrived at this article on the grounds that Device Manager reported a slip code, and you are not certain how to resolution it.

For instance, visit the accompanying site when the gadget supervisor does not distinguish your equipment, sound, Usb, or different units or when your units are crippled or not meeting expectations.

This segment records the mistake codes and conceivable resolutions for the slip codes.

To begin troubleshooting, take after these steps:

Verify that Device Manager is open, and that the gadget that has the issue is chosen.

Right-click My Computer, then after that click Properties.

Select the Hardware tab, then after that click Device Manager.

Twofold click the gadget sort that has the issue.

In the event that an unit has issues, the unit has a red outcry indicate beside it.

On the gadget Properties dialog box, click the General tab.

In the event that the Troubleshooting Wizard is not accessible, head off to step 3.

Check the Device status region of the apparatus Properties dialog box to see if the failure is determined.

Provided that the Troubleshooting Wizard did not assist you resolve your issue or was not accessible, find your failure code in this article.

For informative data about how to do this, visit the accompanying Microsoft Web website:


Assuming that the lapse is determined, you are completed.

For your afterward steps, you might need to solicit from somebody offer assistance.

Codes 1 through 10

Code 1

This unit is not designed effectively.


Suggested determination

Redesign the driver

You may be aroused to furnish the way of the driver.

Provided that upgrading the driver does not work, see your fittings documentation for additional qualified data.

Code 3

(Code 3)

Suggested resolutions

Here are a few things that you can attempt to determination this issue.

Shut some open provisions

To check memory and framework assets, open Task Manager.

To check virtual memory settings, right-click My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab, then afterward click Settings in the Performance territory.

Uninstall and reinstall the driver

Provided that you are made a request for the driver and you don’t have it, you can attempt to download the most cutting edge driver from the fittings specialist’s Web website.

On the mechanism Properties dialog box, click the Driver tab, and after that click Uninstall.

Accompany the directions.

Instate supplemental Ram

Code 10

In the event that the unit has a Failreasonstring worth in its fittings nexus, that string is d

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